A New Kitten!
The cutest feline on the blockchain!
Say hello to the smallest little feller on Binance Smart Chain! He's cute, he's furry and he's about to find his way to the moon to join the rest of his older siblings! Don't miss out with this moonshot, found on BSC!
Contract Address
Just like in honor of our feline heroes before us, we have decided to implement the best tax system! All taxes go back to the holders in the form of Kitten Coin reflections. Meow!
2% Buy & Sell Tax

100% of Taxes Back to Holders via Kitten Coin Reflections!
1,000,000,000,000,000 Supply
Kitten Coin Road Map
Q1 2022
Launch Kitten Coin ✅
Create and Grow Telegram Group ✅
Create and Grow Twitter Account ✅
Distribute 3 Press Releases ✅
Reach 5,000 Holders ✅
Turn Kitten Coin Over to the Community 100% ✅
Design NFTs ✅
Get Listed on CoinMarketCap ✅
Get Listed on CoinGecko ✅
Q2 2022
Create New Multi-Sig Donation / Marketing Wallet ✅
Research and Vet NFT Marketplace and Marketing Partner ✅
Reach a Minimum of 10,000 Holders
NFTs Released and Sold on Marketplace
Expand Reach Via Discord, Reddit, and Facebook
Distribute a Minimum of 4 Press Releases
Expand / Update Website
Explore Rebranding of Logo
Get Kitten Coin Logo on Trust Wallet
Reach and Maintain a $2,000,000 USD Market Cap Floor
Increase Number of Admins / Daily Helpers
Increase Telegram Members to 7500
Increase Twitter Followers to 5000
Increase Instagram Followers to 1000
Q3 2022
Coming Soon!
© 2022 KittenCoin - All Rights Reserved
© 2022 KittenCoin - All Rights Reserved